138: Zero to 1200+ Storage Units in 3 Years. How Jon Farling Did It.


I met Jon Farling in 2019 at the first-ever BiggerPockets conference in Nashville.

At the time, I was just beginning to learn about self-storage investing, and Jon had just purchased his second facility. His storage business was still in its infancy, and he was still working his W2 job, but I could see he was going places fast.

A few months later, we started a small mastermind group, and I continued to learn a lot from him and others in the group.

Jon fascinated me because he was a real person in the trenches. I didn’t need an ‘expert’ with a course or software to sell me. I needed someone to tell me the unvarnished truth about the highs and lows of the business.

Fast forward to mid-2022, and Jon has quit his job and now owns eight facilities with over 1,200 storage units. His life has changed dramatically in a good way, and I’ve been amazed at how far he has gotten in three short years.

In this interview, Jon will tell us how he made it happen, the best and worst parts of the business, and what life is like owning a business that makes a lot of money without requiring much of his time.

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