140: What No One Tells You About Investing in Parking Lots, Garages and Structures w/ Kevin Bupp

Kevin Bupp is a Florida-based real estate investor and best-selling author with over $250 million of real estate transactions. He has loads of experience with apartment buildings, single-family portfolios, medical office space, self-storage, assisted living, and his three favorites and by far the most profitable, Mobile Home Parks, Parking Lots, and Build-To-Rent Communities.

Kevin educates investors on how to locate, acquire, and create “higher than average” returns through commercial real estate investing. He shares his expertise through one of the longest-running Commercial Real Estate Investing Podcasts.

In this episode, I’m talking with Kevin about a very profitable real estate niche that doesn’t get discussed very often: parking lots and parking structures. There is a lot to know about finding, evaluating, and making money from these properties. I think you’ll find it just as fascinating as I did!

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