141: How Eddie Speed Uses Seller Financing to Buy More Land and Make More Money

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Not long ago, I was part of a webinar panel discussing the state of the land industry. On that panel, one of the other panelists was Eddie Speed.

I hadn’t heard much about Eddie Speed before this webinar, but as soon as his name came up, it seemed everyone else knew the guy and respected him.

As we got more into this panel conversation, it was apparent to me that Eddie was very, VERY knowledgeable about the subject of notes, buying and selling notes, and seller financing (especially as it pertains to vacant land, which is a rare thing indeed).

Over the past 40 years, Eddie has closed over 50,000 private mortgage note deals totaling over $500 million, and through his company, Note School, he has trained over 10,000 real estate investors.

Eddie knows a lot about creative ways to get deals done, and he loves seller financing, which is a highly relevant topic to land investors.

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