Brisbane Lions star Lachie Neale has early win ahead of elimination final

Debra Bela

Debra Bela

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Lachie Neale has sold his Brisbane home at auction.

Brisbane Lions star Lachie Neale has sold his Brisbane home.

Premiership hopes are on the line for the Brisbane Lions tonight but Brownlow Medallist Lachie Neale had an early off-field win, with his Coorparoo home selling for $2.6m.

“Astonishing,” said one neighbour as the five-bedroom house at 7 Brae St, Coorparoo smashed its own street record by almost $1m after four years.


Lachie Neale’s home at 7 Brae St, Coorparoo.

Lachie and his wife Jules Neale purchased the newly renovated 539sq m property for $1.77m in 2018, just before the AFL midfielder transferred to the Brisbane Lions from Freemantle.

While the power player was nowhere to be seen at the auction, he was in fact in the middle of the action, on the phone with Belle Property selling agent Tony O’Doherty who held a commanding position facing the stone fireplace in the centre of the American farmhouse-style family house.

Belle Property Bulimba’s Tony O’Doherty on the phone with Lachie and Jules Neale at the auction of their home at 7 Brae St, Coorparoo. Picture: Debra Bela

“Lachie was at work or at training, he was on the phone, his wife Jules was on the phone, they were in the thick of it,” Mr O’Doherty said. “It’s the best way to have them really, they are right in the action.”

Lachie and Julie Neale welcomed their first child in September 2021. Picture: Instagram – @jules_neale

A Sydney bidder from Mosman, was also on the phone, leaving the 40-strong crowd to watch a short but sharp match waged largely between agents juggling mobiles.

But it was a strong opening play from the floor that started the auction at $2.1m.

Brisbane auctioneer David Treloar at the auction of 7 Brae St, Coorparoo. Picture: Debra Bela

“Good strong start, we have a start, could we roll in say $100,000s?” auctioneer David Treloar asked.

The Mosman bidder – who was on the phone with an agent – obliged, taking the offer to $2.2m, while at the top of the stairs her father filmed the auction on his phone.

“It’s a lot cheaper here but we all think it doesn’t matter where you go, the market is way over the top,” he said.

A private oasis just down the road from the Gabba.

“I bought a house in Mosman, my first house in Australia in 1978. I bought it for $54,000 and I paid too much for it. It’s worth about $5m today. It’s ridiculous.”

Another bid from the floor of $2.3m saw the Mosman bidder raise the offer to $2.4m before the auction paused to negotiate.

The upstairs living room.

“Ironically both the buyer and sellers logistically couldn’t be here with us in person today so there’s a bit of back and forward and we want to make sure both parties are comfortable with the position,” the auctioneer said after a short break.

“Tony, we do have an increased offer from the buyer? $2.6m and we are on the market, we do sell.”

No further offers were received and the house sold to the Sydney buyer.

“They are not moving up yet, they are just buying, they collect houses. This house has got good value in it but it’s still over the top.”

The Brisbane Lions enter tonight’s elimination final against Richmond as underdogs with Lachie Neale touted to be the Lions’ X-factor.

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