Delta Goodrem’s Must-Haves From Her Luxe Listings Sydney Property Search

Celebrities live a life of luxury and style. So, what’s on their list of ‘must haves’ when they’re hunting for a new home?

When we heard Australia’s darling Delta Goodrem went on the hunt for a new rental while making her latest album, we had to know everything about what type of sophisticated, stylish retreat she’d chose to help set the creative tone.

Armed with a significant budget for a luxe property, Delta called on elite real estate experts Simon Cohen and Gavin Rubinstein from Prime Video’s Luxe Listings Sydney to help navigate the super competitive Sydney rental market.

Delta’s house hunt will air on the upcoming new season, premiering 30 September, in which both Cohen and Rubenstein show the songstress several properties, including Sweven Estate, a palatial compound set on 141 acres that backs onto the Hawkesbury River in the historic suburb of Cattai.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at the five ‘must haves’ Delta had for her creative retreat.

Delta was shown through Sweven Estate, a palatial compound set on 141 acres in the historic suburb of Cattai. Picture: Tali Gordon

1. A dreamy location

Location is often cited as the number one factor for house hunters. For Delta, she had a very clear idea of what she wanted in her new rental property.

“Delta wanted somewhere where she could record her new soundtrack, so she was looking for a location that offers inspiration and tranquillity,” explains Cohen.

The location had to be tucked away from the hubbub of Sydney, whilst being close enough to the city so she could zip into town to see friends and family or carry out work commitments, he adds.

Cohen found a Newport mansion in Sydney’s Northern Beaches —a location he describes as “pretty magical”.

Offering waterfront living in a highly prized neighbourhood, Delta was impressed with the fact the property had car and boat access.

2. Complete privacy

Naturally, celebrities need a place away from the prying eyes of the media and the public. For Delta, privacy was non-negotiable criterion, Rubenstein says.

“These guys can get hounded and harassed when they go out in public,” he explains. “So, privacy is almost always on the list.”

He shared that Delta favoured the idea of a secluded property where she didn’t feel boxed in.

3. A real vibe

Known for her incredible personal style, unsurprisingly, a modern and stylish setting was also on Delta’s list.

At the top of the list was a property with unique character but it also had to feel relaxed. A luxury oasis-style pool was a statement feature that Delta was also keen on, Cohen adds.

But whilst Delta had her ‘must haves’, she was open to the finer details and was looking for an “overall vibe”.

Delta wanted a property with character, green space, and charm. Picture: Tali Gordon

4. A room with a view

Outlooks can be a significant selling point for real estate, especially in Sydney.

Cohen says one of Delta’s specific requests was a house with an epic view that would help her unwind, which meant greenery was essential.

“She was very particular that the view needed to include greenery,” says Rubenstein. “Through our conversation, it was clear she was more enamoured by nature than by water.”

“She needed that connection with nature, something with plenty of trees to really feel at peace.”

5. Room to move 

Finally, with a piano, a band and her entire entourage, lack of space was a deal breaker.

“That feeling of openness was very important to her,” Rubenstein shares. “She wanted the property to be big enough to be able to be in the house with her band but not feel like people were on top of each other.”

woman and man walking from a car across a driveway

Delta Goodrem searches for her luxe hideaway home on Luxe Listings Sydney. Picture: Tali Gordon

To find out which home caught Delta’s eye, follow her rental journey on Luxe Listings Sydney Season 3 now streaming on Prime Video. Start your 30 Day Free Trial today.

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