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A new pet-friendly build-to-rent development in Manchester promises to embrace tenants’ furry friends without charging any extras or laying down preconditions for tenants.

Northern Group’s The Quarters on Spear Street and Oldham Street boasts that it’s well ahead of new tenancy regulations lined up as part of the Renters’ Reform Bill which would mean landlords will not be able to impose a ‘no pets’ clause without good reason.

Residents in The Quarters who have pets don’t pay additional charges or a deposit for their animals, unlike many other developers. 

They also don’t need to take extra insurance out or pay extra for check-out inventories and have the same contracts as those without pets.


Animals are always vetted before moving in, but it tells LandlordZONE: “We haven’t come across a case where a potential resident hasn’t been approved.”

The building has a dedicated rooftop for dog meetups and walks, complete with bins and dog bowls and residents get a free introductory dog walk to test out local pet companion services in the area. Rents for the apartments start at £1,075 for an unfurnished one-bed.

paul dobbs pets

Paul Dobbs (pictured), chief operating officer at Northern Group, explains: “There’s a real need to provide more pet-friendly rental accommodation as demand for rentals that let you own a pet is huge – three in four tenants are reportedly looking for exactly this, and we can safely rubber stamp this data as already 50% of new tenants coming to The Quarters own a pet”.

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