Housing Secretary ‘backs Boris’ to return as PM…

Housing Secretary ‘backs Boris’ to return as PM

Levelling Up and Housing Secretary Simon Clarke has given his backing for a return of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

Clarke was a staunch loyalist to Liz Truss during her short-lived time in Downing Street.

Her resignation yesterday has kicked off a new leadership race, with Penny Mordaunt, former Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Johnson believed to be frontrunners if they can get enough support from MPs in the coming days for a vote next week.

Clarke is one of the most senior Cabinet names to publicly express support for a candidate, alongside Jacob Rees-Mogg who is also supporting Johnson.

He has changed his Twitter image to one of him and Johnson and issued a joint statement to The Daily Telegraph with Tees Valley Metro Mayor Ben Houchen that said: “Boris is the person we need to lead our country and our party. 

“He won the greatest election victory for years on a mandate to unite and level up the UK, and inspired millions of people who had never voted Conservative before to get behind a generous, optimistic vision of what Britain can be.   

“People on Teesside love Boris because he recognised that while talent is evenly distributed across the country, opportunity is not. Boris gave us that opportunity.”

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