Moving On Up: Singer, actor Bonnie Anderson shares her property journey

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Performer Bonnie Anderson is renovating her Mornington Peninsula house.

Singer, songwriter and actor Bonnie Anderson will star in The Music of James Bond with George Lazenby concert at Hamer Hall, Southbank on September 17.

After winning the first season of Australia’s Got Talent in 2007, Anderson starred in Neighbours and placed first in The Masked Singer Australia’s second season.

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When I was first living out of home, I was living in Los Angeles, I was around 18 years old and that’s where I spent most of my time away from family and all my familiar people writing music.

I had rented a couple of places but then moved back home afterwards where I saved up to buy my own home after working on Neighbours for a couple of years. It was in the Yarra Valley, in Lilydale.

Bonnie Anderson is engaged to Samuel Morrison.

I always wanted to buy my first home close to my parents and close to the hills, which is where I grew up and what I loved the most.

I loved creating a homely environment in my first home, having the space to be able to create exactly what I wanted and envisioned. I have always been big on creating a cosy feeling throughout my house, candles, warm lighting and then natural light is a must.

I loved having a room for my music to escape and write songs or just to have a sing and my other favourite part of the home was my bedroom, there’s nothing quite like your own bed and space to be able to just kick back and relax. It’s an important space for me as its where I start my day and finish my day.

BIG FREEZE Peter Hitchener and Bonnie Anderson

Anderson and Peter Hitchener are both supporters of the MND Big Freeze. Picture: Andrew Henshaw.

The first home I bought, I didn’t do a whole lot to the house internally, but did a lot externally. I had an entertainment area outside built and really worked on the landscaping.

My parents and I spent weeks on the outdoor area, creating the garden I wanted, we went for a Victorian garden, with hedging and a structured look.

My Mum is very good with gardens and ideas, so I really leaned on her to make the final decisions.

We were really proud of what we did to that home and have lots of beautiful memories there.

Australian actor George Lazenby portrayed secret agent James Bond in the 1969 film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Lazenby will appear in The Music of James Bond concert at Hamer Hall on September 17 alongside Bonnie Anderson, conductor Nicholas Buc, John Foreman’s Aussie Pops Orchestra and singer Luke Kennedy.

George Lazenby as James Bond.

I have a lot of happy memories that were made in my first home, I was so proud to have saved up and bought my first property, I was living with two of my best friends which was so much fun and we constantly laughed together.

But probably the most special memory from this home is a really started some of the biggest chapters of my life here.

Sam (Samuel Morrison) my fiance and I started dating while I was in my first home and we went on to have our own home together and begin our chapter together.

Glamour on the Grid Party  Australian Grand Prix Albert Park

Anderson at the Glamour on the Grid Party held during the Australian Grand Prix.


We now live on the Mornington Peninsula and absolutely love it.

We’re currently renovating our home which has been a really fun and at times a little daunting of course. Making final decisions can be quite overwhelming.

We are so proud of what we have achieved and can’t wait for the house to really come together.

We are going for a coastal modern feel, being close to the beach and have made sure we have lots of natural light.

I love that we can hear the ocean waves crashing, its such a beautiful sound.

Anthony Callea and Bonnie Anderson

Singers Anthony Callea and Bonnie Anderson released a remake of the classic duet Together Again in 2020. Picture: Alex Coppel.

The best part about renovating is having the opportunity to create the space exactly how you want it, in the location we love.

We also built a music studio on our property before we even started the house renos, but that is definitely one of my favourite rooms, it’s my space to work, create and it’s also just got such a fun vibrant vibe to it.

We have lots of incredible memories while we have been in this home, Sam and I got engaged and also are starting a family in this home, so there are definitely lots of special times to remember. Creating our first family home has been wonderful.

VIP guests arriving for the Starry Starry Night Gala at Crown and celebrities performing during the night .

In action on the stage. Picture: Julie Kiriacoudis.


I talk about our dream home all the time and have lots of ideas.

We love the area we live in now so it will most likely be in the Mornington Peninsula area.

I want 2-3 acres, because I had land growing up with my parents and I feel like it was the best childhood and we want to be able to give that to our children.

The house itself will be on one level shaped around like a horse shoe with an outdoor pool facing in the north direction to capture the sunlight.

I want the style to be country/coastal with an outdoor veranda continue around the entire house.

Bonnie Anderson with Mornington Cup Horse Corbulo (IRE)

Anderson, with thoroughbred Corbulo, would love to live on a property with several animals. Photo: Scott Barbour/Racing Photos

I would love to have lots of animals. I am a big lover of animals, we already have two dogs and two cats, but with land I would love to be able to have a horse, maybe two Highland cows and chickens for fresh eggs.

A dam filled with beautiful lilies, a bridge in the centre and a windmill would be a little extra touch that I would love.

I could go on for hours, but this is the dream and hopefully one day we can make that happen.

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