Regional agent launches cost of living guides to supp…

Regional agent launches cost of living guides to support buyers and sellers

South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire estate agency Redbrik has launched a campaign to help the public cope with the rising cost of living.

The brand has launched a series of guides to help people wanting or needing to move for financial or lifestyle reasons.

The campaign is the brainchild of Redbrik and their PR and Marketing agency, Chapter II, based in Sheffield.

Mark Ross, managing director of Redbrik, said: “For some, a move might be a challenge right now, but for many – as ever – it is necessary. 

“Moving home can be daunting – maybe you’re expecting your first child and need more room or need to move to get into a school catchment area. 

“We want to help people understand that moving home during this time can be financially viable, free up cash and even save you money on an ongoing basis.”

“There is no point in denying the rising cost of living, with fresh economic uncertainty every day. We’re here to help ease worries and move those who need a new home during this time.”

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