What is Sub Agent in Real Estate? Explained [2022]

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Sub agents in the real world are accountable for bringing a potential buyer to the property. But, even though the agent works directly on behalf of the purchaser, they work for an agent who is the seller (the property owner’s representative).

While they’re not commonplace in today’s market for real estate, Sub agents used to play crucial roles in the purchasing and the selling of houses.

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What is Sub Agent in Real Estate?
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What is an Sub Agent?

If you’re looking to buy a home, you’ll need to engage a buyer’s representative (also known as a selling agent after the contract has been signed) to search for properties that meet your criteria and guide you through the buying process.

On the other hand, listing agents assist sellers in establishing the right price for their homes, arranging showings, and meeting prospective buyers.

But this wasn’t always the situation. In the past, to the beginning of the 1990s, most buyers of homes didn’t have access to the kind of representation they can access today; independent real estate agents who could assist buyers weren’t available.

Agents could present you with the properties that their brokerage company lists; however, most of the time, you’d require assistance from an external agent to purchase a property that the particular broker didn’t offer. Sub-agents are where sub-agents play a role.

What is a Sub Agent within Real Estate? Explained

Sub agents help buyers view houses, but they don’t represent them. That is, they do not work on behalf of buyers. Instead, their fiduciary obligation and loyalty are to the listing agent and the seller.

If a sub-agent entices buyers who purchase the property, this agent usually gets a percentage of the commission from the listing broker.

If you’re selling or buying in the present market, you’re probably not going to encounter an agent who is a sub-agent.

Alongside the liability issues regarding the use of agents for real estate transactions, an alternative representation of agents explains why agents aren’t used often these days.

Since buyers’ agents can now handle any property or brokerage, sub-agents are no longer required for those looking to buy a home.

Buyer’s agents and listing agents are increasingly engaged in transactions involving real estate. Two distinct agents specialize in taking care of buyers’ and sellers’ unique concerns.

From a liability perspective, the sub agent who makes any errors or omissions, the seller, the broker who is listing, and the sub-agent are all legally accountable. This can create an enormous (and risk that is not needed) for all parties involved.

Difference Between a Sub Agent and buyer’s agent?

Sub agents and buyer’s agents can assist people who want to purchase a house. The difference is in the person they represent.

Serving as a representative for an interested buyer The buyer’s agent’s primary objective is to assist the client locate and buy the perfect house.

In this regard, the agent will determine homes that fit within the buyer’s budget and preferred list, schedule appointments with agents representing the listing, and assist the buyer in submitting offers and closing the home.

Sub-agents can also take buyers looking for homes to see homes, but they aren’t their clients. As was mentioned earlier, their fiduciary responsibility is that of the listing agent and the seller.

Since their commission on the sale is paid by the seller (and the listing agent), Sub-agents might be less inclined to hold buyers’ best interests at the top of their list.

Keeping these motives in your mind might be beneficial if you’re considering using an agent as a sub-agent in the current real market.

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FAQ – What is Sub Agent?

Q: Is Sub Agent is Person?

Answer: Yes, Sub Agent is a Person who is Involved in Real Estate Business.

Q: What Sub Agents Do in Real Estate Business?

Answer: Sub-agents help buyers view houses, but they don’t represent them.

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