‘You can’t sell via email’ – industry trainer…

‘You can’t sell via email’ – industry trainer hits out at cheap agency approach

The rise of online and low-fee offerings has devalued the expertise that estate agents can offer, an industry trainer claims.

Responding to reports of an increase in off-market sales, Charlotte Jeffrey-Campbell, founder of training platform and provider The Able Agent, said existing contacts should already be the first port of call when listing a new property either on or off a portal or their own website.

Writing exclusively for Estate Agent Today, she said: “In a world where fear of leaving a digital footprint and ‘armchair valuers’ has reduced the need to seek expertise, now is the time to differentiate our offering to our marketplace. 

“Years of online and cheap fees have devalued the expertise that I see and work with every day in this industry. I know there is an abundance of competence in the industry.

“Our first point of call when taking on a new property for sale, no matter the market or location, should be to use our network of contacts.

“After all, networking in 2022 is a very different proposition to 30 years ago and we should embrace technology alongside our customer-service goals of building relationships.

“As I always tell my trainees, if you are sitting in a quiet office and can hear a pin drop reading this – then how will you build relationships without picking up the phone and speaking to people? You can’t sell via email.”

The more conversations agents are having, she said, the bigger the network of contacts and database.

Jeffrey-Campbell added: “if you are looking to capitalise on the demand for off-market sales, then you need a network that you can contact. Because after all, we no longer have our Rolodex or hot box, no matter how tempting they may be.”

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